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AVTS Accelerometer Vibration Test System

AVTS Accelerometer Vibration Test System

brand: Senther
Number Of Axles:
Weight (gram): –
Operating Temperature(℃): 10~40
Power Supply: –
Range (g): 



  • Accelerometer Vibration Test System(AVTS-01)is specially designed for accelerometer calibration. Base on comparison test method, this system integrate signal condition, process controlling and data reduction, which is suitable for automatic test with high precision.
  • – Back to back comparison test with high precision reference sensor, automatic generate test report with traceability.
  • – Dual input, high sampling rate and resolution, noise rejection with digital filter.
  • – Variable gain selection by software automatically, wide signal input rage, comply with different sensor.
  • – 10~10kHz frequency range。
  • – PE,IEPE channel selectable for reference。PE,IEPE,DIR channel selectable for under test device。PE channel integrate charge converter;IEPE integrate current source;DIR channel integrate programmable voltage supply.
  • – Sensitivity, phase, capacitance test for PE channel;Sensitivity, phase, bias test for IEPE channel;Sensitivity, phase, ZMO, resistance test for DIR channel.
  • – Real wave display and sensitivity-frequency, phase-frequency diagram.
  • – Customized test report。



  • Accelerometer(PE, IEPE,PR,VC) calibration,
  • with zero voltage,
  • input/output resistance,
  • bias voltage,
  • sensitivity-frequency deviation,
  • phase output.


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